Sunday, July 17, 2011

ISO Comrade Dies after Solitary Confinement and Treason Charge-Fascist Regime in Zimbabwe 100% Guilty! No need for Hangman in Zimbabwe!

(Pics by Lenin Ti Chisaira,ISO)

The International Socialist Organisation (ISO) Zimbabwe announces with a heavy heart the death of Cde David Mpatsi who passed away in the late hours of the 14th of July 2011 at Chitungwiza General Hospital. He succumbed to a lung infection after his health deteriorated after the unjust February-March imprisonment. Cde David was one of the 45 socialists who were maliciously arrested and detained by the unrepentant fascist Zimbabwean dictatorship for more than two weeks at Harare Central Prison in February and March 2011.
He joined the ISO (Z) in at the beginning of 2010 and was one of the 17 comrades placed in solitary confinement in prison. As the ISO we do not hesitate to say that the fascist regime in Zimbabwe in the service of the IMF and capitalist blood-suckers is responsible for his death. What with malicious arrests, torture and lack of medication in state prisons and hospitals. It is noteworthy also that this same fascist regime that has recently frozen 8000 nurses’ posts in Zimbabwe.

The International Socialist Organisation thanks the staff and nurses at Chitungwiza General Hospital and Counselling Services Unit (CSU) and all comrades and family members who looked after Cde Mpatsi but we condemn this so-called inclusive Government for his death in the strongest of terms. And the best way to honour comrades like Mpatsi and many others who have languished is to go for an all out mobilisation against dictatorship and the underlying inhuman system of capitalism that it serves. How many more will have to die? Indeed we are inspired by the rising masses of Egypt and Tunisia who have stood up to capitalism

Indeed Cde Mpatsi faced fake and trumped up treason charges and today he indeed has received capital punishment. This regime does not need any hangman.

Meanwhile Cde Mpatsi was laid to rest yesterday (16/07/11) at Unit L Cemetery in Chitungwiza in a burial attended by hundreds of socialist, MDC activists and family members. Cde Mpatsi is the third ISO (Z) comrade we have lost this year. In February we lost Cde Navigator Mungoni from our Mbare District and in March we lost Cde Gabarinocheka Sirinji also from Mbare


The struggle continues and we call on all comrades, activists, workers and students to attend court in solidarity with the six remaining treason trialists on Monday 18th July 2011 at Rotten Row, 0830hrs in Court 18.The solidarity must also continue with the trial of Cynthia Manjoro, Last Maingehama and the Glen View comrades facing trial for the death of a police officer.


Cde Mpatsi leaves a wife and three children who are in need and if there is anyone wishing to offer assistance, please feel free to contact the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) Zimbabwe on details below:

Post: P.O. Box 6758 Harare

Tel: +263-4-704 209

Fax: +263-4-704209


Web: Facebook: International Socialist Organisation (ISO) Zimbabwe OR Socialist Zimbabwe

OR visit us: 1st Floor, Crossroads House, 43 Julius Nyerere Way, Harare

Inserted By

National Coordinating Committee

International Socialist Organisation (ISO) Zimbabwe -17 July 2011


Javier said...

Oh, dear comrades, how sad news. David is dead ¡Viva David! the comrade David alive in you, in our, in everybody fight for freedom, justice, equality, the workers' power and the international socialism. A big hug for his family and all of you from Uruguay.

Javier Carlés

Anonymous said...

Hola compañer@s, quiero expresar mi pena por la muerte de un compañero... soy militante de En Lucha Andalucía, y quiero que sepais que estamos con vosotros.

Si quereis, teneis a vuestra disposición mi blog y mi correo, que mandaré sin dilación.

Marina said...

Dear comrades. I'm very sad for the loss of a comrade. I'm sure he'll be remembered always and kept alive in every struggle. You're an example of bravery in facing brutal repression when fighting for justice and a better life for all. ¡Arriba los que luchan!