Wednesday, July 06, 2011


The International Socialist Organisation [ISO] Zimbabwe extends solidarity to the 30 Malaysian comrades unjustly arrested and held at Penang Police Headquarters and Kepala Batas detention centre as well as to the entire Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) who are suffering the onslaught of the fascist police of the out-dated tsarist Malaysian regime.

We fully understand that the evil alliance between the King and the forces should be resisted by all means. We are together in the struggle.
Your struggle is not isolated as many across the globe are also flames up against the rotting capitalist system which has detained humanity to abduct poverty and unworthy wars. Presiding capitalist regimes of the world realize that their time is up and they have decided to give their last kicks, be it in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UK, Tunisia, Egypt, and Swaziland and even here in Zimbabwe where our comrades are facing similar charges for defending democracy and freedom of expression.

As revolutionary socialists we remain committed to the resolve and commitment that there is only one solution to capitalism. That solution is a revolution.

Smash Capitalism! Viva Socialism!

Solidarity Forever

National Coordinating Committee (NCC)

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