Saturday, October 07, 2006



Archbishop Pius Ncube has said that the term dictatorship is too good to apply to the ZANU-PF regime. He is absolutely right.
Days after several ZCTU protesters were viciously and savagely attacked by the thugs in grey and blue, another 27 NCA protesters suffered the same fate on the last Monday of September.
As this was happening, Mugabe urged the police to dish out more whilst bakery bosses created a “shortage” of bread demanding prices rises of 75%. Even when wheat was available, the bosses were waiting for their money from government before they started milling flour.
Anti-Retriviral (ARV) drug prices rose from $ 10,000 for a month’s course in June to $ 20,000 for a months course in September – a rise of 100%. On top of this the government has catered for 42,000 people to receive ARVs – yet 600,000 people need it. Despite the governments claims, only 1 in 7 people living with HIV are catered for.
Cities and towns across the country have seen water cuts. People in Mabvuku and Tafara have now gone for 2 straight weeks without water. Yet the regime continues to employ mbavhas like Makwvarara.
But the masses of Zimbabwe are not taking this lying down.
The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) successfully staged a protest over sky-rocketing water charges and rates charges. Hundreds went into Town House to protest. They were backed by the UHURU students freedom movement.
A day after hundreds more led by the militant Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) staged a second protest at Town House over the failure of Harare Council to deliver services. They also demanded an elected council and the re-stocking of medical drugs at Council clinics. Currently only pain-killers are available
Over 60 women – some with babies on their backs – were arrested and thrown into police stations. In Harare Central and Braeside, they were made to stand in an exposed fenced area for 48 hours. In the crowd were 13 to 17 year olds as well.
CHRA has organised for garbage to be thrown into council offices in Budiriro, Glen View and Dzivaresekwa. The Council has responded by falsely claiming that 2 CHRA officials “abducted” council employees – when in fact all they did was to stop an illegal water disconnection at a residents home.
No Apologies!
The masses of this country have no apologies to make either!
As the bosses, along with their puppets in government and councils, continue with their neo-liberal onslaught against us we will respond.
Our ZCTU’s, WOZA’s, UHURU’s, ISO’s and CHRA’s have opened with warning salvos. We will not end there. This is just the beginning of OUR battle! It is OUR turn now. We are starting to fight!
Workers in Britain have gotten Tony Blair to hand in a year’s resignation notice. Now it is our turn to give notice that in the next year the class temperature in this country will rise! Either you are with us or against us in the streets! Qina Msebenzi Qina! Shinga Mushandi Shinga!

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