Thursday, October 12, 2006

Korean Nuclear Bomb: the nightmare created by Bush

North Korea’s decision to conduct a nuclear weapons test on Monday of this week drew condemnation from all the world’s major powers. Across the globe people rightly fear a nuclear conflagration.

Socialist Worker opposes all nuclear weapons, but there is immense hypocrisy in George Bush and Tony Blair’s sabre rattling at North Korea.

Bush has been threatening North Korea ever since he named the country as part of the “axis of evil” in 2002. The country’s decision to go nuclear is a direct consequence of that.

The Bush regime recently discussed plans for a nuclear attack on Iran - plans that were only blocked by a near mutiny by US generals.

Bush has made clear he is ready to use tactical nuclear weapons. Meanwhile,
the British government is set on commissioning a replacement for the Trident
nuclear weapons system at the cost of £76 billion.

The warmongers are now using North Korea’s nuclear test as an excuse to pile on pressure for an attack on Iran.

Dan Gillerman, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, said in reaction to the test, “What is happening with North Korea is the ‘coming soon’ occurrence in Iran, and we must not let that happen.”

The US is now pushing for the United Nations to impose sanctions against North Korea.

This is likely to target civilians already suffering from a regime which puts weapons above feeding its own people. Such sanctions will do nothing to make the world safer or to encourage nuclear disarmament.

That can only be achieved by halting the US’s war drive - a war drive that this week took a step closer to going nuclear.

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