Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Rule of Law

ZCTU President, Lovemore Matombo, Secretary General Wellington Chibhebhe (Pic above) were shown democracy, Robert Mugabe style, last week.

Before they and others could even attempt to start a peaceful march, the regime's lawful, armed, thugs, the ZRP, descended on 30 demonstrators and whisked them away.

While Mugabe was globe-trotting as usual, his dogs in blue and grey savaged several ZCTU demonstrators, including women officials of the ZCTU. They ended up with cracked skulls, broken arms, hands, feet and ribs.

Now we know what Mugabe meant when he talked about "Stupid" Democracy.

It is when you stupidly believe you can exercise your rights to protest about the lack of Anti-Retrovirals because bosses have raided the state-owned NatPharm.

It is when you stupidly believe you can protest about daily falling conditions of living while bosses like Philip Chiyangwa import the latest American Hummer vehicles or can still go boating on Lake Kariba.

Real Democracy is when the kombis have no fuel to carry workers to work yet bosses like Chiyangwa and others have more than enough fuel to globe-trot and drive fuel-guzzling American and German limousines.

It is when "Zim 1" and his family spend thousands of US Dollars on each shopping trip to Singapore and Malaysia while there is "not enough" foreign currency to import desperately needed ARV's or water treatment chemicals or ZESA components.

It was shown brutally clearly last week exactly what this regime thinks of the poor and how it will keep them in line. Its message was clear - "Organise your tea-parties and we will bloody them".

As the ZCTU has rightly proclaimed "This is just the beginning"

Proud to be ZCTU! Qina Msebenzi Qina! Shinga Mushandi Shinga!
(pic above: ZCTU Info Dept)

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