Wednesday, September 13, 2006

20 Arrested in Bulawayo

The mood of the late 90's is back. We saw it live in today's protests. The
last few years of police repression have taught the workers to fight on. As
early as 11:30 workers had started to gather at the assembly points for
the planned action. All those there were in a mood to fight. However
not to be outdone were the police who were on high alert were busy milling around
the venue. Nevertheless, the mood to fight is on and it is time to build on

The police have just picked up about 20 cdes and are still rounding up more. Among the arrested are a number of young workers, the Regional ZCTU Chairpersons, Reason Ngwenya and Gertrude Mthombeni. They have been taken to the Central Police Station in Bulawayo. Lawyers have been alerted but protest messages ca n be sent to the police station on Phone +263 9 72515, or +263 9 61706.

For more updates, contact Pesy on +263 11 416374 or Tom +263 23 780066


* The protest venue in Harare was cordoned off by police. As the time of publishing (2:15pm local time) the protest had not yet started.

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