Friday, May 05, 2006

WOZA Appeal

Over 120 women are being detained without access to food. Thus far (11.15 Friday morning) they have been denied food. Supporters and fellow WOZA women are currently trying to get food to the police stations and are particularly concerned for the mothers with babies still in custody.

Police Staion Numbers to phone:-
Bulawayo Central - +263 9 72515
Hillside + 263 9 241161
Donnington + 263 9 474005
Mzilikazi + 263 9 74439

73 Child Protesters Arrested

Thursday evening

The 73 children, ranging from age seven to eighteen,
that were arrested this morning were finally released
this evening into the care of their lawyers. They are
now all at home in the care of an adult family member.
The adults remain in custody, including approximately
five mothers with young babies. It is still not clear
exactly how many are still in custody as police are
still processing them and due to the lack of
sufficient accommodation at Bulawayo Central, the
remaining group have been split between four police
stations, including Hillside and Mzilikazi. They have
still not been charged. Lawyers were in attendance
this afternoon.

Further details will be given as soon as they become


Over 100 WOZA women and 73 children arrested in
Bulawayo today (Wednesday 03 May)

Hundreds of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members -
men, women and children - marched for eight blocks
through central Bulawayo today to the government
offices at Mhlanhlandlela, calling for a reversal to
crippling school fee increases of up to 1000%. Having
completed their march, the peaceful group were
beginning to disperse when riot police arrived.
Initial reports suggest that approximately 200 people
have been arrested including 73 children. Jenni
Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu are amongst those
arrested. Lawyers have been contacted and are en route
to Bulawayo Central Police Station.

There was an almost carnival atmosphere to the
procession with the singing marchers handing out the
May edition of the newsletter, Woza Moya, which were
eagerly accepted by passersby. Many children were in
school uniform, signifying the fact that this may be
the last time that they will be able to wear it as
they may not return to school next week.

More details will be released when they become
available. Photos also available on request.

For more information please contact Annie Sibanda on
+263 91 898 110/2.