Friday, April 27, 2007

May Day Celebrations

Workers meet on Tuesday 1 May 2007 for Workers Day commemorations in the background of worsening poverty.

The Mugabe regime has used the excuse of sanctions for this and a deteriorating economy. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

Excluding South Africa, 38% of the top 50 companies in the region are from Zimbabwe. 19 are from Zimbabwe, 13 are from Botswana and 8 are from Zambia.

On top of this, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange was rated the best performing in Africa last year. For the first three months of this year it was ranked the best performing stock exchange globally.

If we look at the figures of the highest valued companies, we can see who is really suffering in Zimbabwe. Among the top listed companies are:
Delta Corporation – owner of Delta Beverages
Innscor Africa – owner of Bakers Inn, Chicken Inn and others
Meikles Africa – owner of TM Supermarkets.
Hippo Valley Estates – biggest sugar producer
OK Zimbabwe – the supermarket chain
National Foods – food producers
Zimbabwe Sugar Refinery Corporation – refines Hippo Valley sugar cane
Dairibord – milk producers
Seed Co – produces seed for agricultural crops
Cotton Company – produces spun cotton for clothing and school uniforms.

In its 2006 financial year TM Supermarkets provided 75% of the net profit for the entire Meikles Africa group! Food companies, clothing manufacturers and banks are the top valued companies in Zimbabwe. These are the companies that handle important basic needs.

Yet is precisely the same bosses that are paying workers an average of $ 200,000 per month when the poverty datum line (PDL) is easily $ 1,200,000 – six times the average wage! The PDL inflation was 2,800% at the end of February 2007 whilst the general inflation figure was 1,700% at the same time.

It is precisely these same bosses that can afford to import vechicles from Britain at up to 175,000 British Pounds each – a staggering seven-and-a-half trillion dollars on the parallel market. They spend 400,000 US Dollars (nearly nine trillion dollars) every single day on importing vechicles from Dubai.

It is exactly these same bosses that refuse to pay import duties in foreign currency.

Enough is Enough! Zvakwana! Sokwanele! May Day must be the time to plan for mass class war on these blood-ducking parasites!
In Harare, the venue is Gwanzura in Highfield. For other venues please contact you local ZCTU offices.

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