Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TATAMBURA – USADHERERE – We Are Starving – We Are Going To Eat Your Tear Gas!!

18 Feb 2007 – Highfields, Harare
The MDC (Tsvangirai group) obtained a High Court Order the previous day allowing them to go ahead with a planned rally at Zimbabwe Grounds. On the day of the rally (18 Feb) Zimbabwe Grounds was sealed off by riot police. They fired tear-gas at the 200 MDC members already inside preparing the venue.
Street fights and pitched battles then erupted. Tear-gas was fired at women and children leaving a church sparking fierce clashes. In retaliation a group of Highfield residents waited for police to move down Nyandoro Drive. They then stormed Machipisa Police Station and shut it down for a couple of hours.

17 Feb 2007 – Budiriro, Glen View and Glen Norah
Residents of the south-western townships march. Protesters carry placards reading “No To Extortionate Council Budget Charges”, “Why No ZESA” and “Your Term Is Up – You Have Stayed Too Long”. Riot Police responded with tear-gas. A police car is burned.

16 Feb 2007 – Epworth, Harare
A pick-up truck carrying 6 Harare Council police turned up at a shopping centre for the routine arrest of vendors. But this was no ordinary day. Within minutes the cops came under a barrage of missiles and stones. Kombi drivers parked their kombis around the cops truck and prevented it from leaving. The cops had to flee on foot to safety.
City-Centre, Harare
A demonstration of NCA and opposition members against the extension of the Presidents term in office was met by support unit riot police. This too was no ordinary day. The protesters baved tear-gas and police batons to charge at the police. Minutes later a police wooden post in the main shopping mall of First Street was lying in pieces. Four cops inside had to flee. One hospitalised.

13 Feb 2007 – City Centre, Harare AND city Centre, Bulawayo
The annual WOZA Valentine demonstration against bigotry and oppression takes place. 3,000 protesters in total take to the streets. 274 women and 20 babies are arrested in Bulawayo. In Harare, the police had grown weary of arrests and decided to use tear-gas. Thick clouds of smoke erupted and a handful were arrested.

* It is only by fighting that we can win. Following the launch of the TV Licence Fee campaign, the regime has had to respond by cancelling the increases. Now we must go further until final victory. Mugabe is not the only criminal in this country – all of his neighbours kuBorrowdale Brooke and so forth are the same class dzeMbavha neTsotsi.



Zach said...

Revolutionary greetings from the belly of the beast! I am reading this post in Washington DC where I am a member of the ISO US. We in the US must learn much more about the struggle in Africa.
Onward to Inernational Revolution!

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