Friday, July 07, 2006

Ruling Class Offensive Can Be Stopped

The last 7 weeks has seen the regime and its investor allies launching the most barbaric attacks on our living conditions.
Food prices, rents, water and electricity charges and school fees have all more than doubled while kombi fares are set to rise to 140,000. As Socialist Worker goes to press the parallel market rate for the US had crashed to anywhere up to 600,000 – the same for a litre of fuel.
At the same time the regime has stepped up the repression. Civic Society and opposition leaders have been arrested and held without charge. Countless roadblocks have been mounted.
The police broke up a public meeting in Highfield that began the commemoration of Murambatsvina. Further planned meetings and demonstrations were banned outright.
All this is in the name of the “Economic Turnaround” policy being implemented by the bosses and investors who run this country in the name of the IMF and World Bank – policies that the Mugabe ZANU-PF regime implemented.
Some civic society “leaders” have instead tragically chosen to put their tails between their lags in typical middle-class fashion and hide. The rest of the commemoration of Murambatsvina had been cancelled.
But as the actions by WOZA over the last 4 months have shown, this barbaric regime can be stopped. WOZA have staged several demonstrations at schools from Mutare to Insiza.
Several parents and school-going children have been arrested. WOZA leaders have been threatened with death. Parents and students who are WOZA members have been victimised by schools. The thug who is MP for Insiza, Andrew Langa, insulted WOZA women on their last demonstration in Insiza.
But despite all this the actions planned by WOZA continue unabated. In the week ending 07 July 2006, 500 women demonstrated at the Bulawayo City Council Mayors Office without permission and told a senior policeman to piss off.
This is the kind of leadership and action that is needed to confront this murderous regime and to begin fighting for and end to the poverty oppression that we face., +263-4-704209, Box 6758 Harare, Zimrights House 90 4th Street


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This is a silly situation one finds oneself in. I cant believe the fabric of democracy even Zim Democracy cannot understand that the true power lies in the people. Yes, some may fall, but as a concentrated force these tyrants can be toppled. The reality is Zimbabweans who complain without action are spineless. Keep whinning and wait for the problem to solve itself while your lives pass away.

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