Friday, September 30, 2005

Your Suggestions Please!


Below are the suggested themes for the Southern Africa Social Forum from the Zimbabwe Youth Camp. Please forward any other suggestions to: and



The fight for a living wage
Health and Safety at the workplace

Access to treatment
Nutritional Support

*Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture in the Struggle for freedom

The right to free quality public education
Struggles against privatization
Education for liberation

Anti-Capitalist theory and practice
Towards a regional solidarity network
The search for people centered alternatives to capitalism
Resistance to neo-liberalism in Latin America: An inside look at the radical social movements

The struggle against sexism

*Social Services
Neo-liberalism, privatization and community resistance in the region
Operation Murambatsvina / Drive out the Trash

Smash Poverty! Smash Capitalism! Build Democracy! – Another World Is Possible


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